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If you are researching vehicles to buy, chances are you’ve heard a little “Fox” on TV say, “Show me the CARFAX!” And, it is possible that you are getting ready to shell out a good chunk of change to see that vehicle report.

Well, if so, please hold on tight for just a moment while we introduce the new kid on the block, “VIN Audit,”or, more formally, “VinAudit,” which is a certified internet data provider – certified to do this by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), as well as other government departments and partners in the motor vehicle industry. And “VIN,” if you are unfamiliar with the abbreviation, stands for “Vehicle Identification Number,” and there is a unique VIN assigned, basically, to every moving vehicle and trailer – including motorcycles, scooters, and even mopeds.

One thing to keep in mind that it wasn’t until 1981 that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) required these vehicle identification numbers on all vehicles, even though the VIN has actually been around since 1954. Having said that, VinAudit will not have reports on vehicles whose model years are prior to 1981.

Instead of shelling out $40 or so to CARFAX, pay $10 to VinAudit and you’ll get the title history, junk and salvage records, insurance records, and more.

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Why is a report like this important? Well, for one thing, this information can save you a ton of money as you go to negotiate for a car. For example, let’s say your VinAudit report discloses that the car you’re looking at has a salvage title.

What does this mean to you? Should you still buy the car? First of all, the fact that it has a salvage title probably means that the vehicle has damage that monetarily comes to more than 75% of what the car is worth without the damage. For example, you think a car is worth $10,000 – but it had damage assessed at about $7,500 or more. That means the car doesn’t have the value you had hoped. And, that 75% figure is not nationwide. Some states give salvage titles at 80% damage.

We’ll talk about that elsewhere on this site.

But back to the example. So, let’s say your VinAudit report shows that the vehicle you want has a salvage title. That doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want it – but you might be in a better position to negotiate (just understand that you can’t wave a magic wand over the vehicle and get it a clean title once you’ve restored it or want to resell it). (Visit Here)

Of course, that is a pretty extreme example.

There are other reasons why you want the due diligence of a VinAudit report. For example, how would you feel about purchasing a car that was once reported as stolen? Some people don’t like the “bad mojo” associated with that.

Does the car have a history of being towed or impounded? If it was towed frequently, would you not be wondering why?

What it really comes down to is that these days almost everyone wants a detailed report concerning the car they are considering buying.

So, why on earth pay $40 for a report that you can get for $10?

If that seems like a “no-brainer” to you, then, welcome to VinAudit!